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.NET for Java Developers: Processing XML
By Alok Pota, Jawahar Puvvala
Jul 25, 2003
The .NET Framework has built-in support for XML processing. Discover how to use XML in .NET and what these benefits can do for you.
.NET Framework and Language Enhancements in 2005
By Lars Powers, Mike Snell
Sep 21, 2007
This chapter covers the enhancements to both Visual Basic .NET and C#.
.NET Identity and Principal Objects
By Enrico Sabbadin
Dec 23, 2003
The .NET Framework includes a simple but very flexible identity-based security mechanism. By using it, you can exercise very fine-grained control over who is allowed to use your programs and which functions those users can perform. As discussed in this article by Enrico Sabbadin, the key is a detailed understanding of the Principal and Identity objects.
.NET Identity and Principal Objects Part 2: Custom Authentication and Authorization
By Enrico Sabbadin
Jan 9, 2004
The second installment in this series about .NET security covers advanced topics such as secure custom authentication and role-based authorization. Enrico Sabbadin goes beyond the built-in authentication and authorization mechanism, and shows you how to develop custom authentication and authorization schemes.
.NET Identity and Principal Objects Part 3: Identity Flow and Impersonation Across Process and Machine Boundaries
By Enrico Sabbadin
Feb 13, 2004
The first and second articles in this series about .NET security covered the basics of .NET identity-based security and showed you how to implement custom authentication and authorization schemes. In this last installment, you get the missing piece of the puzzle: Learn how to implement identity flow and identity impersonation across.NET-distributed multilayered applications.
.NET in 24 Minutes
By Lars Powers, Mike Snell
Aug 20, 2001
The hunger for information about .NET on the part of professional programmers, developers, and administrators is tremendous. This article provides a straightforward explanation of .NET, its components, and its importance, and serves as a reference to ...
.NET Internationalization: Using Custom Cultures
By Guy Smith-Ferrier
Oct 27, 2006
In this chapter, learn how to create, register/unregister, and deploy custom cultures.
.NET Languages
By David Chappell
Feb 15, 2002
In this sample chapter from Understanding .NET: A Tutorial and Analysis, David Chappell describes C# and Visual Basic.NET, the most important CLR-based languages. He also takes a brief look at the Managed Extensions for C++ that allow C++ developers to write CLR-based code.
.NET Meets Beans?
By Dan Fox
Feb 1, 2002
How do you abstract data access code from its underlying data store so that is portable among platforms? Developers working with n-tier applications have a new solution: Microsoft ObjectSpaces. Dan Fox outlines its general code and concepts here.
.NET Patterns, Part I
By Dan Fox
Mar 1, 2002
By following standard naming conventions and patterns in any .NET language, you can allow other developers to use and extend your classes more efficiently. Dan Fox shows one approach to class library design in this article.
.NET Patterns, Part II
By Dan Fox
Mar 1, 2002
The .NET Framework classes feature a core set of design patterns that developers should try to emulate in their own code. Dan Fox introduces the streams pattern, the dispose pattern, and the asynchronous programming pattern in this article.
.NET Performance Mechanisms
Aug 8, 2002
.NET Programming: What Is .NET?
By Pradeep Tapadiya
Mar 7, 2003
Learn where Microsoft is going with the .NET initiative, and study the terminology, features, and services offered by the .NET Framework.
.NET Remoting
Apr 14, 2003
.NET Remoting
Mar 10, 2003
.NET Remoting: Handling Remote Server Events
By Paul Kimmel
Feb 11, 2005
Paul Kimmel provides a no-frills demonstration of raising and handling remote server events using Microsoft's .NET Remoting, while guiding you through potential traps and errors.
.NET Resource Management
By Bill Wagner
Feb 16, 2017

Working in a managed environment doesnโ€™t mean the environment absolves you of all your responsibilities. Learn the C# design idioms that enable you to work with the environment.

.NET Server Enhancements, Part 1
By Richard D. Coile
Jun 28, 2002
Should you upgrade your network to Windows .NET Server? This article discusses the enhancements from Windows 2000 Server to Windows .NET Server.
.NET Server Enhancements, Part 2
By Richard D. Coile
Jul 5, 2002
Should you upgrade your network to Windows .NET Server? If you are a network administrator, this second article in a series by Richard Coile gives you still more reasons why you should take the plunge.
.NET Solution Architectures: Gathering and Analyzing User Requirements
By Randy Cornish, Thomas Moore, Don Pavoni, Eric Rockenbach
Jul 4, 2003
Learn how to gather and analyze users' specific requirements in .NET Solution Architectures. You will learn the benefits of UML as well as how to use it, and you will see how to develop world-ready applications.

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