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Basic Theories of Game Design

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Professor Jeremy Gibson Bond outlines the basic theories of game design and development and walks you through a game design exercise.

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This chapter is from the book

Our journey starts here. This chapter presents the basic theories of design upon which the rest of the book is built. In this chapter, you also encounter your first game design exercise and learn more about the underlying philosophy of this book.

You Are a Game Designer

As of this moment, you are a game designer, and I want you to say it out loud:1

  • "I am a game designer."

It's okay. You can say it out loud, even if other people can hear you. In fact, according to psychologist Robert Cialdini's book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,2 if other people hear you commit to something, you're more likely to follow through. So, go ahead and post it to Facebook, tell your friends, tell your family:

  • "I am a game designer."

But, what does it mean to be a game designer? This book will help you answer that question and will give you the tools to start making your own games. Let's start with a design exercise.

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