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How Does Ransomware Work?
By Sherri Davidoff
Jun 14, 2021
Cybersecurity expert Sherri Davidoff walks you through the history of ransomware, how it works, and how to respond when you are faced with the most common form of denial extortion.
Object Design Inheritance and Composition
By Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
May 4, 2021
An introduction to object design classes and interfaces, including their roles in software design.
Object Design: Classes and Interfaces
By Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Apr 19, 2021
An introduction to object design classes and interfaces, including their roles in software design.
Object Technology: Basic Concepts
By Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Apr 16, 2021
Introduces fundamental views of object technology.
What is the Public Cloud and AWS?
By Mark Wilkins
Mar 29, 2021
What is the public cloud these days and how does AWS fits into the public cloud arena in the areas of infrastructure and development, namely IaaS and PaaS?
Flow-based (Kanban) or Timeboxed (Scrum, SAFe) Agile?
By Howard Podeswa
Mar 19, 2021
Figure out which Agile approach better suits your needs: flow-based (Kanban style) or timeboxed like Scrum and SAFe.
Getting Started with Your iPhone
By Brad Miser
Mar 6, 2021
Learn fundamental skills for the major types of iPhone.
Kernel Internals in Operating Systems
By Brendan Gregg
Mar 6, 2021
Summarizes kernel internals for the performance analyst. This is necessary background for interpreting and understanding what the operating system is doing.
Video Chatting and Texting
By Michael Miller
Mar 6, 2021
Learn how to communicate with friends and family using the Messages and FaceTime apps.
Agile Leadership Basics
By Zuzana Sochova
Dec 31, 2020
The basic reasons for agile leadership, implementing agile at the organizational level, the difference between leader and manager, and why being an agile leader is important for the success of agile at the organizational level.
Encryption and Decryption in Digital Communications
By Bernard Sklar, Fredric J. Harris
Dec 24, 2020
Some classical concepts, as well as a class of systems called public key cryptosystems, and the email encryption software known as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).
Introduction to Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
By Dursun Delen
Dec 21, 2020
The definition and description of predictive analytics and its most prevalent enabler, data mining.
Database Design Objectives
By Michael J. Hernandez
Dec 17, 2020
Explores why you should be concerned with database design, points out the objectives and advantages of good design, and provides a brief introduction to normalization and normal forms.
The Integral Agile Transformation Framework: An Overview
By Michael K. Spayd, Michele Madore
Dec 16, 2020
A complete overview of the IATF, taking you on a tour of the quadrants.
How a Scrum Team Works
By Kurt Bittner, Peter Gรถtz, Uwe M. Schirmer
Dec 15, 2020
Demonstrates how Product and Sprint Backlogs and the product Increment can help Scrum Team members plan and organize their work.
What Is Artificial Intelligence?
By Doug Rose
Dec 15, 2020
An introduction to AI for nontechnical executives and professionals.
Tips for Presenting: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
By Jerry Weissman
Dec 8, 2020
The world's #1 corporate presentations consultant provides case studies and tips on how visuals (including your actions) make for more powerful presentations.
The Commercialization of Personal Data
By Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen, Harry Lewis, Wendy Seltzer
Dec 5, 2020
Who owns your online privacy and how.
What is Zombie Scrum
By Christiaan Verwijs, Barry Overeem, Johannes Schartau
Nov 25, 2020
A primer on Zombie Scrum—the symptoms and causes and how to check if your team has turned into a Zombie Scrum team.
Donald Knuth Recommends The Kollected Kode Vicious
By Donald E. Knuth
Nov 18, 2020
Donald Knuth's foreword from the book The Kollected Kode Vicious.

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