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Introduction to the Art of Scalability
Jun 26, 2015
Michael T. Fisher and Martin L. Abbott introduce their book, The Art of Scalability: Scalable Web Architecture, Processes, and Organizations for the Modern Enterprise, 2nd Edition, which covers everything you need to know to smoothly scale products and services for any requirement.
What Went Wrong with Healthcare.gov and How Can It Be Fixed? A Suggested Reading List for Managers and Developers
Oct 31, 2013
Most software projects aren’t as complex as the ACA website, Healthcare.gov, but any software project can benefit from smart project management and development. Jess Johnson takes a look at some books about running a software project and recovering from failure, plus some specific guides for front-end optimization, scalability, security, testing, and refactoring to see how that advice can be applied to healthcare.gov.
My Life in Tech: Q&A with Software Assurance and Requirements Engineer Nancy Mead
Sep 20, 2013
Nancy Mead of the Software Engineering Institute answers some questions about the evolution of software security, advice for people considering a career in software engineering, and the challenges of being a software development manager at a time when there were few women in the field.
Economics of Software Quality: An Interview with Capers Jones, Part 2 of 2 (Podcast Transcript)
Jan 17, 2012
Rex Black and Capers Jones continue discussing Capers Jones' book The Economics of Software Quality. Watch this podcast to learn some surprising and motivating facts about software quality and how to improve it.
Economics of Software Quality: An Interview with Capers Jones, Part 1 of 2 (Podcast Transcript)
Jan 16, 2012
In this two-part interview, Rex Black talks with Capers Jones about his book The Economics of Software Quality, in which leading software quality experts Jones and Olivier Bonsignour show how to measure the economic impact of quality and how to use this data to deliver exceptional business value.
The End of Projects: Moving Toward Evidence-Based Software Investment
Nov 24, 2011
Is it possible that the software industry could succeed with a model that's not based around designing, funding, and fulfilling individual projects - and then starting all over again? Aaron Erickson, author of The Nomadic Developer, is confident enough of the possibility that he's even given it a name: evidence-based software investment. Tune in for the nickel tour.
Killing Quality, Squelching Success
Aug 22, 2011
Software engineering pioneer Larry Constantine warns designers and developers about the risks of being too good at what they do and cautions managers to mind the organizational factors that can help kill the best products.
Defining Software Quality and Economic Value
Aug 15, 2011
This introduction to The Economics of Software Quality covers how to define software quality and economic value.
Painless Process Improvement
Jun 22, 2011
If you'd rather bang your head against a wall than go to another pre-planning meeting about the documentation review step of the software process improvement plan, Matt Heusser has a couple of suggestions for saving your brain.
The Clean Coder: Saying Yes
May 31, 2011
Professionals are not required to say yes to everything that is asked of them. However, they should work hard to find creative ways to make “yes” possible. When professionals say yes, they use the language of commitment so that there is no doubt about what they’ve promised.
Introduction to CMMI for Development: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement, 3rd Edition
Mar 23, 2011
This chapter introduces CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV), which consists of best practices that address development activities applied to products and services. It addresses practices that cover the product's lifecycle from conception through delivery and maintenance. The emphasis is on the work necessary to build and maintain the total product.
Introduction to CMMI for Services: Guidelines for Superior Service, 2nd Edition
Mar 22, 2011
Many service organizations accept common problems as "normal" and they don't try to address them or eliminate them. What about your organization? Are you settling for less? Developing and improving mature service practices is a key contributor to improved performance, customer satisfaction, and profitability. The CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) model is designed to begin meeting that need.
Introduction to CMMI for Acquisition: Guidelines for Improving the Acquisition of Products and Services
Mar 21, 2011
This chapter introduces CMMI for Acquisition (CMMI-ACQ), which enables organizations to avoid or eliminate barriers in the acquisition process through practices and terminology that transcend the interests of individual departments or groups.
Culture Clash: Getting On Board with IT Governance
Oct 5, 2010
How do we as a development community abandon some of the widely misunderstood perceptions about IT governance and make it a proactive, not reactive, part of the development process?
Glitch: The Hidden Impact of Faulty Software -- Converging Forces
Sep 13, 2010
Jeff Papows explains that if we continue to allow these technology glitches to fester in our infrastructures, a technology Armageddon could be just around the corner.
Lean Integration for Health Care: Healthy Data for the Future
Aug 10, 2010
John G. Schmidt, coauthor of Lean Integration: An Integration Factory Approach to Business Agility, believes that health care in the U.S. will inevitably slide into adopting lean principles. But why should we wait for this desirable state? He explains the current issues that make lean crucial and the obstacles that we need to overcome in getting lean.
Bringing Process Maturity to Agile Organizations—Part I
Aug 9, 2010
Paul E. McMahon discusses five popular myths about processes in Agile organizations, common challenges faced initiating a CMMI process improvement effort within an Agile organization, successful techniques to guide a small growing Agile organization to CMMI level 3 while maintaining an Agile culture, answers to common questions related to developing Agile processes, and practical techniques to structure an organizational repository supporting agility and CMMI compliancy.
Using Metrics to Find Out if Your Code Base Will Stand the Test of Time
Feb 18, 2010
Aaron Erickson covers metrics you can use to determine whether your code base will stand the test of time or be a significant source of ongoing cost.
Introduction to CMMI for Services
Nov 19, 2009
Do you need CMMI? If you have problems such as plans that are made but not necessarily followed; inconsistent expectations and service levels; a crisis atmosphere amidst over-commitments and overruns; and unhappy customers, you should read this chapter to see if CMMI is right for your service business.
Quality Last: Why We Make Poor Software
Oct 14, 2009
Aaron Erickson discusses why your Statement of Work probably guarantees low software quality.

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