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Batch Distillation

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Phillip C. Wankat discusses batch distillation, meaning when a mixture is distilled to separate it into its component fractions before the distillation still is again charged with more mixture and the process is repeated. This is in contrast with continuous distillation where the feedstock is added and the distillate drawn off without interruption. Batch distillation has always been an important part of the production of seasonal, or low capacity and high-purity chemicals and is a very frequent separation process in the pharmaceutical industry.

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9.0 Summary—Objectives

In this chapter we explore batch distillation. After finishing this chapter, you should be able to satisfy the following objectives:

  1. Explain the operation of simple and multistage batch distillation systems

  2. Discuss the differences between batch and continuous operation

  3. Derive and use the Rayleigh equation for simple binary batch distillation

  4. Solve problems for constant-mole, batch distillation

  5. Solve problems in batch steam distillation with a single volatile organic component

  6. Use the McCabe-Thiele method to analyze multistage binary batch distillation for:

    1. Batch distillation with a constant reflux ratio.

    2. Batch distillation with a constant distillate composition.

    3. Inverted batch distillation.

  7. Solve problems for simple, multicomponent batch distillation.

  8. Determine the operating time and energy requirements for a batch distillation

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