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Software Development Pearls - Book Review
By Robert L. Glass
Jan 19, 2022
Software pioneer Robert L. Glass' review of Karl Wiegers' Software Development Pearls
Software System Logging
By Mark Seemann
Dec 21, 2021
What you should be logging while building a software system.
Method Naming in API Design
By Mark Seemann
Dec 14, 2021
How X'ing out the method name in API design can help to avoid team confusion.
The Science of Test-Driven Development
By Mark Seemann
Dec 7, 2021
How to use the Red Green Refactor cycle to test your code.
Software Documentation: How Much Is Enough?
By Karl Wiegers
Nov 9, 2021
When you should record requirements and other pertinent information while developing software.
Learning from Painful Experience
Oct 28, 2021
How Can I Motivate My Team to Change?
By Karl Wiegers
Oct 26, 2021
Learn how to ease your team into process improvement and other change initiatives.
How to Find Boundaries for Modules, Microservices, or Bounded Contexts
By Stefan Hofer, Henning Schwentner
Oct 19, 2021
Most domains are too big to be understood and modeled as a whole. In such cases, you need to break down a domain into manageable units.
How Does Ransomware Work?
By Sherri Davidoff
Jun 14, 2021
Cybersecurity expert Sherri Davidoff walks you through the history of ransomware, how it works, and how to respond when you are faced with the most common form of denial extortion.
Using Roblox Studio
By Roblox Corporation
Jun 4, 2021
In one hour, learn how to install and work with in Roblox Studio.
Object Design Inheritance and Composition
By Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
May 4, 2021
An introduction to object design classes and interfaces, including their roles in software design.
How to Create a Scene in Blender
By Oliver Villar
Apr 22, 2021
Blender Foundation Certified Trainer Oliver Villar walks you through creating a very basic scene that lets you play with the main tools in Blender.
Object Design: Classes and Interfaces
By Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Apr 19, 2021
An introduction to object design classes and interfaces, including their roles in software design.
Object Technology: Basic Concepts
By Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
Apr 16, 2021
Introduces fundamental views of object technology.
What is the Public Cloud and AWS?
By Mark Wilkins
Mar 29, 2021
What is the public cloud these days and how does AWS fits into the public cloud arena in the areas of infrastructure and development, namely IaaS and PaaS?
Agile Guide to Business Analysis and Planning - Excerpt
By Howard Podeswa
Mar 25, 2021
Excerpt from The Agile Guide to Business Analysis and Planning with tips on planning for features and MVPs, a discussion of when to use a scaled agile approach, and the principles of applying agile practices.
Flow-based (Kanban) or Timeboxed (Scrum, SAFe) Agile?
By Howard Podeswa
Mar 19, 2021
Figure out which Agile approach better suits your needs: flow-based (Kanban style) or timeboxed like Scrum and SAFe.
Video Chat Comparison Guide
By Michael R. Miller
Mar 17, 2021
Learn about the major video chat platforms: their main features, what devices they work on, their pros, and their cons. It’ll help you choose which video chat platforms to use—and when.
Getting Started with Your iPhone
By Brad Miser
Mar 6, 2021
Learn fundamental skills for the major types of iPhone.
Kernel Internals in Operating Systems
By Brendan Gregg
Mar 6, 2021
Summarizes kernel internals for the performance analyst. This is necessary background for interpreting and understanding what the operating system is doing.

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