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22 Python Tricks
By Brian Overland, John Bennett
Jul 31, 2019
Twenty-two Python programming shortcuts and time-saving techniques.
Pragmatic Paranoia
By David Thomas, Andrew Hunt
Jul 29, 2019
Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt teach how to accept that you (and no one ever) will write a perfect piece of software.
Using Chrome OS and the Chrome Desktop
By Michael Miller
Jul 29, 2019
Learn how to navigate the Chrome desktop and windows and use touchscreen gestures.
VSLI Design Implementation: Placement
By Thomas Dillinger
Jul 8, 2019
Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Examples
By Richard Lawrence, Paul Rayner
Jun 21, 2019
A look at how to explore the behavior of a new user story by collaborating around examples with a cross-functional team.
JavaScript - Create an Array
By Kirupa Chinnathambi
Jun 14, 2019
An introduction to how to create an array in JavaScript (JS).
An Introduction to Chemical Process Safety
By Daniel A. Crowl, Joseph F. Louvar
Jun 4, 2019
Software Documentation: Identifying Authoritative Knowledge
By Cyrille Martraire
Jun 4, 2019
When it comes to software documentation, we need to become our own curators, working on all the knowledge that is already there to turn it into something meaningful and useful. This chapter demonstrates how to start turning knowledge into something useful through curation, while embracing that this knowledge is continuously changing.
Data Model-Driven Management
By Benoit Claise, Joe Clarke, Jan Lindblad
May 15, 2019
Provides a wide-angle perspective on the requirements for network management and automation, as well as the layers and components of the solution.
How to Think in Terms of Objects
By Matt Weisfeld
Apr 30, 2019
Before you start to design a system, or even a class, you need to think the problem through and have some fun! This chapter explores the fine art and science of OO thinking.
Getting Streaming Media Devices
By Michael Miller
Apr 18, 2019
Learn how to cut the cable and satellite cord and view your favorite programs with a streaming media player.
Principles of Technical Debt
By Philippe Kruchten, Robert Nord, Ipek Ozkaya
Apr 18, 2019

Three leading experts from the Software Engineering Institute introduce integrated, empirically developed principles and practices that any software professional can use to gain control of technical debt in any software system.

What is the Internet
By Annabel Z. Dodd
Apr 18, 2019
Popular speaker on telecommunications issues and technology, Anabelle Dodd, discusses what the internet is and how it works in in easy-to-understand language.
Customize the Security Settings on Your Smartphone or Tablet
By Jason Rich
Mar 30, 2019

Learn how to use and customize the security and privacy features built in to your smartphone or tablet.

Writing Kotlin-Friendly Java Code Best Practices
By Peter Sommerhoff
Mar 29, 2019
Calling Java code from Kotlin works seamlessly in nearly all cases. Still, there are some practices you can follow to avoid special cases of conflict and aid interoperability even further.
Blockchain Technology
By Jai Singh Arun, Jerry Cuomo, Nitin Gaur
Mar 25, 2019

IBM Blockchain experts define the overall blockchain technology landscape and address the trust divide between an enterprise (permissioned) blockchain and a public, permissionless blockchain.

How to Sort a List of Tuples in Python
By Harvey Deitel, Paul Deitel
Mar 22, 2019
Learn how to sort a list of tuples in Python. A demonstration of common Python list and tuple manipulations including one-dimensional and two-dimensional lists.
Web scripting and the JavaScript Language
By Julie C. Meloni, Jennifer Kyrnin
Mar 5, 2019

Work through this lesson to learn how to use JavaScript to spice up a web page and to interact with users in new ways.

Java Input/Output (I/O) Streams
By Cay Horstmann
Feb 18, 2019

In Java, all input and output is handled through input/output streams. This chapter demonstrates how to handle Java I/O.

Tools for Causal Inference
By Andrew Kelleher, Adam Kelleher
Feb 18, 2019

It’s important to balance stakeholder expectations when you scope a project, and good causal inference can take time. Data scientists Andrew and Adam Kelleher help you develop the tools you need to do causal inference.

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