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Ray Perlner

Charlie Kaufman is currently Security Architect for Dell Storage Systems. Previously, he was the Security Architect for Microsoft Azure and before that for Lotus Notes. He has contributed to a number of IETF standards efforts including IPsec, S/MIME, and DNSsec and served as a member of the Internet Architecture Board. He served on the National Academy of Sciences expert panel that wrote the book Trust In Cyberspace.

Radia Perlman is currently a Fellow at Dell Technologies. She is known for her contributions to bridging (spanning tree algorithm), routing (link state routing), and security (distributed systems robust despite malicious participants). She’s the author of Interconnections: Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols. She’s been elected to the National Academy of Engineering,  the Inventors Hall of Fame, the Internet Hall of Fame, and awarded lifetime achievement awards from Usenix and ACM’s SIGCOMM. She has a PhD in computer science from MIT.

Ray Perlner is a Mathematician in the Cryptographic Technology Group of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He has over a dozen research papers focusing primarily on postquantum cryptography. He has degrees in both physics and math from MIT.

Mike Speciner is an MIT-trained technologist with expertise in mathematics, physics, and computer science. He currently serves as CTO and cofounder of The Singing Torah.

Combined, this author team holds close to 200 patents.