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Chapter 6: Office XP

Office XP problems come in two forms: usability problems and application or file faults. Usability problems are often the result of a lack of user training and thus are not covered in this chapter. Answers to usability problems come merely from experience with the product and not from fault isolation.

While it would be nice if Office were the utopian application that never failed, that is not the case. Many tools have been included in Office XP to allow it to repair itself when application corruption occurs. This chapter describes these tools and explains what to do when these "automatic" tools fail to automatically correct an application problem.

Aside from the application itself failing, users may also experience problems with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access files. Files occasionally become corrupted and oftentimes can be saved, or repaired at the very least. The remainder of this chapter breaks down common Office document faults and explains how to resolve them without having to turn to your trusty backup software to give the user yesterday's version of the needed file.

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