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Chapter 3: Troubleshooting Techniques

Many consider troubleshooting a journey filled with many stops, starts, twists, and turns. As on any journey, whether it's a trip to the grocery store or a vacation to Wally World, you have to take a series of sequential steps to reach your ultimate goal. For most, these steps have been repeated so often that they are now instinctive. When you go to the grocery store, you get in the car, start it, check the gauges, stop for gas along the way if it is needed, make a series of turns that get you to the store, and eventually park the car.

While many would like to jump in the car and drive off in the midst of a troubleshooting dilemma, that's not the point here. When you understand the techniques, troubleshooting can become as logical as driving a car. You need to know where and how to start, what to do in the middle, and what to do when you get there. Think of this chapter as "driver's ed" for troubleshooters.

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