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And a Few Tweaks Not Applied Yet

Of course, there are a lot more tweaks you can use. For example:

  • Use an obfuscator: It helps a bit regarding serialization size because the obfuscator shortens the length of type names, variable names, and so on.

  • The status-byte and the key-field can move to the object vector: That results in fewer variable names, which in turn reduces serialization size.

  • Wait with adding double objects to object vector until first access: And the expansion of the object vector would then typically not happen until at the client-side. Perhaps this should even be done on a property-by-property basis.

  • Custom serialization: As I said, I want to skip this one until I need it for other reasons.


    Worth mentioning is that the code is still pretty much untweaked, even after the changes above have been applied. Remember: I'm in the middle of the work of developing the new architecture, and I watch performance only periodically to see that I haven't created a huge performance problem.

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