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A Checklist

Here's a quick checklist for your IT department to keep handy when helping your marketing colleagues with loyalty and cross-selling strategies. (For a print-ready PDF version, click here.)



Try buying customer loyalty

Offer discounts, rebates, free shipping, or special deals to repeat customers—or institute a points program to "purchase" merchandise or services.

Consider a third-party loyalty program

Use online services like those from ClickRewards (www.clickrewards.com) or MyPoints (www.motivationnet.com) to reward shoppers with goodies when they buy from you.

Get existing customers involved

By asking customers to test new programs and inviting them to share their opinions, you make them feel like part of your organization. Rewarding them with a discount for their help is an extra inducement.

Offer easy-to-use coupons as thanks

Coupons aren't much fun if they're hard to use. Provide a coupon number that customers can drop into an easily visible box at the end of your checkout process.

Find your customers' watering holes

Reinforce your organization's position with existing customers—and attract new interest—by marketing where those customers hang out.

Exchange links with compatible sites

Explore the possibility of partnering with sites whose visitors are also existing or potential customers for your organization.

Syndicate your content to partner sites

You've probably spent considerable time, effort, and possibly money to develop content for your site. Now you might be able to stretch the income from that content by persuading your partner sites to use it as well.

Set up a resource page

Cross-linking to your partner sites is not only appropriate behavior—it's another way to provide useful information for your users, which is likely to bring them back again.

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