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Importing Video

In Hour 5, "Capturing Video with iMovie," we'll get into the process of actually capturing video from your camcorder into your Mac using iMovie. But in this hour, we'll import a file that has already been captured into iMovie.


iMovie is designed primarily to work with video that's captured directly from a camcorder on a Mac, but it's possible to take video from a PC and use it in iMovie. One way to do this is simply to ask whoever is giving you the video from a PC to save it in DV format (NTSC or PAL or SECAM, depending on what country you live in) to a portable FireWire hard drive, and to import it from there.

Task: Import a Video File

To get to the sample file, you must find the iMovie Tutorial folder, which is located in the iMovie folder on your hard drive.

  1. Open iMovie and choose File, Import File. The Import File sheet will appear from the top of the iMovie window.

  2. Click the pop-up menu at the top of the dialog box and navigate to the video file you want to import.

  3. Select the file and click Import (see Figure 3.9). iMovie opens the clip and you'll see it in both the Monitor and the shelf, as shown in Figure 3.10.

Figure 3.9Figure 3.9 The Import File dialog box.

Figure 3.10Figure 3.10 A clip selected in the shelf, previewed in the Monitor.

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