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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

3.17 filled

Element type



mode | namelist


field | form | object | record | subdialog | transfer


assign | audio | clear | disconnect | enumerate | exit | goto | if | log | prompt | reprompt | return | script | submit | throw | value | var


Specifies an action to perform when one or more field items are filled by user input. A filled element can be a child of a field item or a child of a form element.


<!ELEMENT filled (%executable.content;)* >
<!ATTLIST filled
  mode     (any | all)   "all"
  namelist %field.names; #IMPLIED >

Language model



    mode : (any | all) = all

    There are two mode values, all and any. The value all is used to ensure that all fields in the namelist attribute are filled before the filled is activated. The value any is used to activate the filled when any field is filled.

    namelist : field.names

    This attribute is used in a form-level filled to define which fields will trigger the filled.



    To be executed when the form-items associated with this filled element are filled.


Example 3-19 Using both form-level and field-level filled elements

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<vxml version="1.0">
    <filled mode="any">
      A field item in this form has been filled.
    <field name="item1" type="digits">
      <prompt>Enter digit sequence.</prompt>
      <filled>Received digit sequence <value expr="item1"/></filled>
    <field name="item2" type="boolean">
      <prompt>Enter yes or no.</prompt>
      <filled>Received response <value expr="item2"/></filled>
      All field items filled. 
      Item 1 is <value expr="item1"/>. 
      Item 2 is <value expr="item2"/>. 
      Test complete.
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