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Okay, you’ve seen how to set up some simple VoiceXML dialogs. Now it’s time to have some fun and get your own voice application deployed so you can call and hear the fruits of your labor. There are several voice server providers that offer free accounts for testing your voice applications.

One of the providers I’ve found that is easy to work with is Voxeo. When you sign up with its developer network, you can create projects and register the URL of your VoiceXML document. With the free developer option, you don’t upload any files to Voxeo directly, so you’ll need to be able to point to a server that hosts your VoiceXML.

With Voxeo, each project gets an 800 number and PIN that will trigger your VoiceXML when keyed in. It’s also possible to obtain local phone numbers in major cities. Voxeo also automatically sets up a Skype (Vo-IP) number that you can call from your computer.

In addition to Voxeo, there are numerous vendors that host VoiceXML servers. The VoiceXML Forum provides a list.

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