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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

VRRP is an election protocol that dynamically assigns responsibility for one or more virtual routers to the VRRP routers on a LAN, allowing several routers on a multiaccess link to use the same virtual IP address. A VRRP router is configured to run VRRP in conjunction with one or more other routers attached.

Configuring VRRP

Router(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0

Moves to interface config mode

Router(config-if)# ip address

Assigns IP address and netmask

Router(config-if)# vrrp 10 ip

Enables VRRP for group 10 on this interface with a virtual address of

The group number can be from 1 to 255.

Router(config-if)# vrrp 10 description Engineering Group

Assigns a text description to the group

Router(config-if)# vrrp 10 priority 110

Sets the priority level for this router. The range is from 1 to 254. The default is 100.

Router(config-if)# vrrp 10 preempt

This router will preempt, or take over, as the virtual router master for group 10 if it has a higher priority than the current virtual router master

Router(config-if)# vrrp 10 preempt delay minimum 60

This router will preempt, but only after a delay of 60 seconds

Router(config-if)# vrrp 10 timers advertise 15

Configures the interval between successful advertisements by the virtual router master

Router(config-if)# vrrp 10 timers learn

Configures the router, when acting as a virtual router backup, to learn the advertisement interval used by the virtual router master

Router(config-if)# vrrp 10 shutdown

Disables VRRP on the interface, but configuration is still retained

Router(config-if)# no vrrp 10 shutdown

Reenables the VRRP group using the previous configuration

Verifying VRRP

Router# show running-config

Displays contents of dynamic RAM

Router# show vrrp

Displays VRRP information

Router# show vrrp brief

Displays a brief status of all VRRP groups

Router# show vrrp 10

Displays detailed information about VRRP group 10

Router# show vrrp interface fastethernet 0/0

Displays information about VRRP as enabled on interface fastethernet 0/0

Router# show vrrp interface fastethernet 0/0 brief

Displays a brief summary about VRRP on interface fastethernet 0/0

Debugging VRRP

Router# debug vrrp all

Displays all VRRP messages

Router# debug vrrp error

Displays all VRRP error messages

Router# debug vrrp events

Displays all VRRP event messages

Router# debug vrrp packets

Displays messages about packets sent and received

Router# debug vrrp state

Displays messages about state transitions

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