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Setting Up Your CLASSPATH

The file derby.jar must be on your CLASSPATH. The following command added it on my system (from within the "simple" folder described above):

set CLASSPATH=.;C:\java\db-derby-\lib\derby.jar;%CLASSPATH%

Notice that I added a period at the beginning of the command in order to pick up the compiled version of SimpleApp.java—SimpleApp.class. The only part of the above command that might differ on your system is the part left of the "lib" word.

Bitter experience has taught me that the simplest way to install Java software is to use only short paths. That is, don’t use paths that default to your Windows Program Files folder because you often then have to add quotes to the elements of the path to get them to work. This type of unproductive work always makes my head hurt, so I prefer to opt for simple path names with no embedded spaces as above.

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