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Running the Code

I haven’t included the program SimpleApp.java with this article because you need the Derby distribution to run the program and the latter is included as part of the distribution. So, if you download Derby, the steps described here should still apply to the accompanying example programs.


I really like Derby! It’s a no-nonsense piece of software that requires no particularly complex setup. It also requires no associated frameworks. It just works. I’m actually using Derby in one of my company’s products due for release in the next few weeks. So, I really do believe in Derby!

Derby has a very light footprint, which facilitates its use in low-end software entities. There’s no need for top-of-the range servers. Derby runs happily on entry-level PCs.

The workflows required for writing Derby programs are also fairly straightforward. Just a few steps are needed to get your code up and running. I can’t recommend Derby highly enough! Try it and see what you think.

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