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Working With Object Drawing

Previously in Flash, all shapes in the same layer on the Stage could change other overlapping shapes, known as Merge Drawing. In Flash, you can create shapes directly on the Stage that do not affect other overlapping shapes, known as Object Drawing. By default, Flash uses Merge Drawing. To draw shapes using Object Drawing, you use the Object Drawing button in the Toolbar. When you select a shape created using Object Drawing, Flash selects the shape with a rectangular bounding box, which you can use with the Pointer tool to move the shape on the Stage. You can use General preferences to set selection options for contact-sensitivity when selecting shapes created using Object Drawing.

Enable and Use Object Drawing

  • circle1.jpg Select a drawing tool in the Toolbar that supports Object Drawing (Pencil, Line, Pen, Brush, Oval, Rectangle, and Polygon).
  • circle2.jpg Select the Object Drawing button in the Toolbar.
  • circle3.jpg With the Pointer tool, click to select an object, and then drag the bounding box to move it.
  • circle4.jpg To switch back Merge Drawing, click the Object Drawing button again.
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