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Editing Strokes and Fills with the Eyedropper

The Eyedropper tool allows you to select the attributes of a shape such as fill and stroke color, and line weight and style, and then transfer them to other shapes. This tool detects whether you are selecting a stroke or a fill, and then changes into the Ink Bottle (when selecting strokes) or the Paint Bucket (when selecting fills). Instead of taking several steps to copy attributes from one shape to another, the Eyedropper provides a quick means for storing and transferring attributes between editable shapes.

Use the Eyedropper Tool to Edit Strokes and Fills

  • circle1.jpg Click the Eyedropper tool in the Toolbar.

    The pointer becomes an eyedropper.

  • circle2.jpg Position the eyedropper over the stroke or fill of a shape on the Stage.
    • Strokes. When you are positioned over a stroke, a tiny pencil appears next to the tool. When you click on the stroke the Eyedropper becomes an Ink Bottle.

    • Fills. When you are positioned over a fill, a tiny paint brush appears next to the tool. When you click on the fill the Eyedropper becomes a Paint Bucket.

  • circle3.jpg Click on another shape’s stroke or fill to transfer the selected attributes.

    The stroke or fill updates to the new color.

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