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Displaying Rulers

Ruler bars are located on the top and left sides of the Stage and serve several purposes. They let you measure the width and height of Flash elements and they let you place guides on the screen to control placement of objects on the Stage. In all, Rulers serve a very important role. When you display rulers, you can use guides to help you correctly align objects with other objects. By using guides, you have access to precise alignment systems. To use the guides, the ruler bars must first be visible. When you no longer need the rulers, you can hide the rulers to free up more workspace.

Show and Hide Rulers

  • circle1.jpg Click the View menu, and then click Rulers.

    A check mark next to the option means its visibility is enabled.

  • circle2.jpg To hide rulers, click the View menu, and then click Rulers to remove the check mark and hide the rulers.
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