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Review Questions

Now it's time to review what you've learned in this chapter before you move on to Chapter 4. Ask yourself the following questions, and refer to Appendix A to double-check your answers.

  1. Why is the satisfaction of customer goals important?
  2. Who are the four stakeholders in a project?
  3. What are the benefits of good design?
  4. Why should you start the usability process at the same time as the project design process?
  5. What should be the first topic of discussion when starting your business case?
  6. How can you make sure that your customers' goals are satisfied by the user experience?
  7. When should you add features and functionality into the product?
  8. After you show stakeholders how good design, as well as usability design and testing, will lower costs, what do you need to show them?
  9. Why do you conduct an ROI study?
  10. Why should you use the Usability Engineering Life Cycle?
  11. What are the three phases of the Usability Engineering Life Cycle?
  12. Why should you get feedback during the development process?
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