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I'm Not a CEO. Should I Stop Reading Now?

This book focuses on creating strategy and converting it into reality through measurement. If you are not part of the C-level team, you don't get the chance to select your organization's strategy, and you may not get the chance to select which metrics are used to judge how well the strategy is paying off. I promise this book will be useful to you for two reasons, even if you are not the CEO:

  1. As a leader of a sub-organization, you still must create strategy and enact it within the realm of your sub-organization. Sure, you are given (hopefully) the approach your organization is taking to beat the competition. Sure, you are given metrics (hopefully) that your organizational will use to gauge the success of your sub-organization, but then the ball is in your court to figure out how your sub-organization needs to act to achieve the goals you are given. In other words, you need to create your own strategy that defines who your own organization serves, how your own organization creates value, and how your own workforce must be strange to achieve the goals that are given to you. You will need to find a way to communicate your ideas to the workforce that you manage, get them to obsess on converting your strategy into reality, and measure the progress you are making. This book will help you.
  2. The process described in point one—articulate a strategy, convert concepts into metrics, build a strange workforce that executes strategy—is a skill. It is not innate. This process can be learned and practiced, and you can get good at it. And when you get good at it, it's valuable. Your organization and many other organizations will value this skill, and you will get promoted to a job where you have more scope, more leverage, and a larger organization to lead. You practice this process some more and get even better at it and get another raise and promotion. Repeat these steps until you are a CEO, if you want.
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