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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating an HTML Page

An HTML page is a common Web page. HTML is a coding language that describes the elements on a Web page and instructs a Web browser how to display it. As you add elements to an HTML page in Design view, Expression Web creates the HTML code behind it. If you are familiar with the HTML language, you can use the Code view to make code changes. Split view allows you to display Design and Code view at the same time, which makes it a beneficial learning tool. When you add an element in Design view, you can view the related code in Code view.

Create an HTML Page

  • circle1.jpg Click the Web Site tab for the site in which you want a new page.
  • circle2.jpg Click the New button list arrow on the Common toolbar, and then click Page.
  • circle3.jpg In the left pane, click General.
  • circle4.jpg Click HTML.
  • circle5.jpg Click OK.

    An untitled Web page appears.

  • circle6.jpg Click the Save button on the Common toolbar, type a name for the page, and then click Save.
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