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Sending and Receiving Gmail

Sometimes even an hour away from your computer can be a bad thing, particularly if you’re expecting to receive an important email message. Fortunately, Google Mobile lets you access your Gmail account while you’re on the go, using your mobile phone.

Of course, to use this feature you first must have a Google Gmail account. You can sign up for Gmail (it’s free!) using your desktop computer, at mail.google.com. Gmail is great in that you can access your inbox and send messages from any computer, using any web browser.

Once you have a Gmail account, it’s a snap to access your Gmail inbox from your mobile phone. Just go to the Google Mobile home page on your phone and select Gmail. You’ll now be prompted to download and install the separate Gmail application; do so. Once downloaded, you can access Gmail from the web application menu on your phone.

The first time you use the Gmail application, you’ll be prompted for your Gmail username and password. Your phone now displays your Gmail inbox, with all read and unread messages listed. Click a message header to read the full message; if a message has an attachment, click the attachment to view it onscreen.

To reply to this message, press the Menu button and then select Reply. To delete this message, press the Menu button and then select More Actions, Delete.

To create a new message, go to the inbox, press the menu button, and then select Compose Mail. Enter the recipient’s email address in the To box, the message subject in the Subj: box, and the text of your message in the main text box. To send the email, press the Actions button and select Send.

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