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The main goal of the event is to give the students a chance to experience what the IT business is like in the real world. To help with this, the CCDC includes Business Injects that emulate the kinds of requests a typical IT department has to deal with on a daily basis. The injects are specifically designed to not only test the teams' ability to figure out how to install a program, write a script, or update account information, but also to test their ability to follow instructions and pay attention to detail.

The team is graded on how well they perform the inject all while under a time restriction — and the grading is tough. For example, one inject was to install a web statistics application that is accessible from the /webstats folder in one hour. Most of the teams had no problem installing the software, but several failed to provide an "index.htm" file to link to the actual script. The end result — the business inject was not successfully completed per the instructions, and therefore the team was penalized.

The security aspect of the event is an important part; however, knowing how to submit an incident report will not get you a job. It is the accomplishment of a task and paying attention to what the customer wants that will keep a person employed. No matter how you spin it, the IT industry is a customer-oriented business — except instead of selling our services to the public, we must please our fellow employees. If we fail to meet expectations and do not meet requirements, we cost the company money and face losing our jobs.

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