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Rate Your "Relationship" with Your Disaster Recovery Plan

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Leo Wrobel presents a thought-provoking technical parody for the New Year.
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It’s a new year (at the time of this writing), but I’m not ready to get back to business yet. First I’d like to have a few more laughs and maybe a bit more vacation. You probably feel the same way. Therefore, in order to ease our transition from the end of the holidays (and to start our brains thinking again about disaster recovery planning), I decided to start off this year with something easy and fun—a "rate your relationship" quiz for your disaster recovery plan! Take the quiz and see how you stack up.

Are You Too Dependent on Your "Significant Server?"

How many mainline revenue-impacting applications do you have on your most critical server? What would be the impact of the loss of that server? As a general rule, many applications that don’t have an immediate effect on revenue (accounts payable, for example) still reside in the "big iron" safety of the mainframe environment. Meanwhile, applications that support revenue production (order entry, for instance) are on more distributed platforms.

Have you taken stock of which applications have migrated where? If your answer is yes, give yourself five points. If your answer is no or not sure, deduct five points.

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