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Running VMware Player

Running VMware Player is as simple as its install process. Simply start up the VMware Player application. When you first launch the player, it asks for a .vmx file (as shown in Figure 1), which is the file that houses the configuration for your VM environment.

Figure 1

Figure 1 Choosing your virtual machine configuration file.

Go ahead and choose the .vmx file that shipped or that you downloaded (or another .vmx file, if you have one). VMware Player will launch your virtual appliance as a window within your computer. The Ubuntu Linux appliance takes a bit of time to boot up. However, after it is up and running, you can play around with the Linux OS that ships with Mozilla Firefox, which you can use to surf the Internet. Figure 2 shows me doing just that on my Windows host PC running VMware Player which in turn is running Ubuntu Linux.

Figure 2

Figure 2 Running a virtual PC via VMware Player.

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