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Working with SmartArt in PowerPoint 2007

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PowerPoint diagrams are now collectively called SmartArt, and they comprise some of the coolest improvements in PowerPoint 2007. In this sample chapter, Geetesh Bajaj shows how to take advantage of these improvements and get the most out of SmartArt in your presentations.
This chapter is from the book

by Geetesh Bajaj

In this chapter

  • Understanding SmartArt 206
  • Adding SmartArt to a Presentation 206
  • Formatting SmartArt 208
  • Sample SmartArt Variants 211
  • Common SmartArt Procedures 212
  • Working with Organization Charts 216
  • Troubleshooting 219

Understanding SmartArt

Some of the coolest improvements in PowerPoint 2007 are related to the overhaul of its diagramming features, which let you add much more than detailed diagrams and organization charts to presentations. Collectively, all the diagrams available in PowerPoint are now called SmartArt.

With SmartArt, you can

  • Show all sorts of relationships using diagrams
  • Change between SmartArt graphic types so that you can determine which SmartArt variant works best for you
  • Change the colors and effects of your SmartArt graphic so that they use the same Theme Colors as your presentation
  • Customize the look of the SmartArt graphic further by editing individual shape elements contained within the SmartArt

So why should you want to use SmartArt when you can use just plain bulleted text? There are many advantages to using SmartArt:

  • SmartArt lets you visually represent a variety of concepts and ideas that might not work too well with just text.
  • SmartArt looks coordinated with your presentation, and you can match it with the look of your presentation.
  • You can change your bulleted text to SmartArt with one click.
  • You can change between SmartArt variations, and you can also customize an existing SmartArt type. This quick change lets you explore visual options that were never available before.
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