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Creating Smart Forms with AJAX

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Web forms are very important pieces of an application. They're used for registration, logging in, or even payment for services. Kris Hadlock explains the importance of creating "smart" forms and how to use AJAX to improve the forms in your applications.
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When you first think about designing a form, it probably doesn’t seem very glamorous. But when you consider all of the possibilities for user feedback, things get a little more interesting. Forms are usually very important, especially when dealing with web applications—this is where users register, login, provide useful data, or even pay you for a service. These important processes may be difficult for a user. That’s why it’s essential to streamline such processes and provide direct and useful information for user interactions.

The source code for this article contains an AJAX engine that consists of three JavaScript objects. I won’t cover these objects in detail, but will explain how to incorporate them in this project. A sample for this article can be found here and the source can be downloaded here.

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