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The Programmer's Pane

The Programmer's pane is used to develop and store source code associated with a form, field, action button, or other design element. Depending on the object, this section allows you to write code using LotusScript, Formula Language, JavaScript, or Java. Based on the design element, the Domino Designer will automatically display the software languages available for the specific element.

You can use this section to set an object to a specific data value or to add programming to be executed when an event occurs. Figure 3.8 illustrates several lines of LotusScript code in the Programmer's pane. More specifically, this figure shows several global objects being defined in the Options section. We'll talk more about how to write LotusScript programs later in the book. For now, you should understand where to add programming code.

Figure 3.8

Figure 3.8 Sample LotusScript code in the Programmer's pane

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