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The TurboGears Toolbox and Other Tools

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TurboGears provides several graphical tools to help you get started more quickly, and to maximize your productivity. This sample chapter covers ModelDesigner, CatWalk, WebConsole and SystemInfo tools, Widget Browser, and the tg-admin command.
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In This Chapter

  • 19.1 Toolbox Overview 372
  • 19.2 ModelDesigner 373
  • 19.3 CatWalk 375
  • 19.4 WebConsole 377
  • 19.5 Widget Browser 378
  • 19.6 Admi18n and System Info 379
  • 19.7 The tg-admin Command 380
  • 19.8 Other TurboGears Tools 380
  • 19.9 Summary 381

TurboGears includes a number of nice features to make your life as a developer just a little bit easier. The TurboGears Toolbox provides tools for creating and charting your database model, adding data to your database with a web based GUI while you are still in development, debugging system problems, browsing all of the installed widgets, and internationalizing your application.

19.1 Toolbox Overview

The TurboGears Toolbox is started with the tg-admin toolbox command. Your browser should automatically pop up when you start the Toolbox, but if it doesn't you should still be able to browse to http://localhost:7654, where you'll see a web page with links for each of the tools in the toolbox (as seen in Figure 19.1).

Figure 19.1

Figure 19.1 The TurboGears Toolbox home page

Each of the components in the Toolbox is also a TurboGears application, so you can also look at them as examples of how TurboGears applications are built.

Because there isn't anything in TurboGears that can't be done in code or from the command line, the use of the Toolbox is entirely optional.

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