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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Collection Letter

Of course you can open your word processing program and write an extemporaneous letter to the customer who owes you money. Or you can save time and use a standard form letter that is available to send to any customers who owe you money, anytime. Before printing the letters, you have the capability to customize the letters and add personal information if necessary.

  • orange_circle_1.gif Select Company, Prepare Letters with Envelopes; then select the type of letter you want to create. For this example, a collection letter is selected.
  • orange_circle_2.gif Select from the various options to determine who will receive this letter.
  • orange_circle_3.gif Click Next.
  • orange_circle_4.gif Choose to sort your list alphabetically by customer name or by amount, lowest to highest.
  • orange_circle_5.gif The list that appears here is the result of the selections you made in Step 2. Check off all members of the list who will receive the letter. Use the Mark All and Unmark All buttons to help with your selections.
  • orange_circle_6.gif Click Next.
  • orange_circle_7.gif Choose from a variety of available letters, or click the Create or Edit a Letter Template option to customize your mailing. If you choose to create a letter from scratch, a Microsoft Word document where you can customize your letter will appear. For this example, the Friendly Collection letter template has been chosen.
  • orange_circle_8.gif Click Next.
  • orange_circle_9.gif Enter the name and title of the person who will sign the letters.
  • orange_circle_10.gif Click Next. A Microsoft Word document containing all the letters will open.
  • orange_circle_11.gif Scroll through the letters to make sure they read the way you want them to. If necessary, you can add information to any letter.
  • orange_circle_12.gif Select File, Print from the Word menu bar.
  • orange_circle_13.gif In QuickBooks, click Next if you want to print envelopes. If you choose this option, you are asked to verify the size of the envelopes. In the Microsoft Word document that appears, click OK to print the envelopes.
  • orange_circle_14.gif If you don’t want to print envelopes, click Cancel.
  • orange_circle_15.gif In QuickBooks, click Finish to close the Letters and Envelopes window.
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