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Google Is a Giant Phone Directory

As part of its massive database of information, Google now includes listings for millions of U.S. households in what it calls the Google PhoneBook. You search the PhoneBook listings from the main Google search box, using specific query parameters.

All you have to do is enter some combination of the following parameters: first name (or initial), last name, city, state, or Zip code. For example, to search for John Smith in Minneapolis, enter john smith minneapolis mn. As you might suspect, the more details you provide, the more targeted your results will be.

When you enter your query using one of these methods, Google returns a search result page with a PhoneBook Results item at the top of the results list. The two or three names listed here aren’t the only matches in the Google PhoneBook, however. To see the other matching names, click the PhoneBook Results link; this displays a full page of PhoneBook listings.

And here’s something even more cool—Google lets you perform reverse phone number lookups. Just enter the full phone number, including area code, into the standard Google search box. You can enter all 10 numbers in a row, without hyphens (like this: 1234567890), or use the standard hyphenated form (like this: 123-456-7890); Google accepts either method. When you click the search button, Google displays a single matching PhoneBook result.

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