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Tip #9: Search the Google Directory

Google indexes billions and billions of web pages in its search database—which more often than not produces an overwhelming number of search results. The quantity is there, but sometimes you’d rather have a few quality results.

When quality matters more than quantity, bypass the main Google search engine and use the Google Directory instead. The Google Directory is a relatively small database of web page listings, each of which is handpicked by a team of human editors. The listings in the Google Directory are then annotated and organized into relevant topic categories. You can browse the directory via category, or search for specific terms.

The Google Directory is a useful alternative to searching the massive Google web page index. Google Directory results are more focused and of uniformly higher quality than what you find in the larger search index, and also help you to get a feel of what’s available in any given category. Plus, you get the advantage of browsing by category instead of searching, if that’s your style.

To access the Google Directory, click the More link on the Google home page and then select Directory on the following page. Alternately, you can go directly to the Google Directory by entering directory.google.com in your web browser.

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