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Losing the Extraneous Placeholders

We didn't really cover the other little placeholders in the Slide Master:

  • Date and time
  • Footer
  • Slide number

What you need to remember is that these placeholders are only there to format these items (if you even want them in your slides).

To actually place information into these placeholders, you need to enter it by using View > Header and Footer.

If you want clean-looking slides, you can leave the areas blank, and if you like, you can also select and delete (press Delete) the placeholders from the Slide Master.

But what about the Bullet placeholder?

If you delete the Bullet placeholder from the Slide Master, can you somehow entice your users or inspire the creators of slides based on the cleaner Masters to use bullets wisely, if at all?


Any new slides based on the master will always have the default Title and Bullet Layout.

You need to talk to the Human Resources person and create a set of policies and recommendations that will enforce or inspire a policy against populating your slide shows with too many bullets or Title and Bullet slides.

The only sure way to eradicate bullets from a slide is to give it a clean Layout—Title only or blank. Generally, the Slide Layout Task Pane opens for every new slide you create by default; if it's not open, press CTRL+F1 to open it quickly, and (re)apply a Title only or blank layout to your slide, as shown in Figure 2-24.

Figure 2-24

Figure 2-24 The only way to get rid of the blank Bullets placeholder is to (re)apply a different slide layout from the Slide Layout Task Pane.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to really get rid of the Bullet placeholder in your newly created slides.

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