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Review Questions

  1. What does it mean when object A is the parent of object B?

  2. What happens to a QObject when it is reparented?

  3. Why is the copy constructor of QObject not public?

  4. What is the composite pattern?

  5. How can QObject be both composite and component?

  6. How can you access the children of a QObject?

  7. What is an event loop? How is it initiated?

  8. What is a signal? How do you call one?

  9. What is a slot? How do you call one?

  10. How are signals and slots connected?

  11. How can information be transmitted from one object to another?

  12. Deriving a class from QObject more than once can cause problems. How might that happen accidentally?

  13. What is the difference between value types and object types? Give examples.

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