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Using This Technique on Other Devices

The reboot technique works only on a device that has a reboot or reset option in its web interface. However, you aren’t limited to simply rebooting or restarting a device using the technique described in this series. For example, you can perform other automated tasks such as these:

  • Adding or removing a port-forward listing for your router—gamers, take note of this handy, scriptable feature!
  • Adding or removing a trusted MAC address for your wireless access point’s access table.
  • Reporting the status of the device (request and then report or display the status page).

All that’s required is that the device be HTTP accessible. The rest of the work comes in deciphering the form mechanism(s) the interface uses to perform the actions required. For example, when making changes to the configuration of my DSL modem/router, such as adding a port-forward entry, a reboot is required to save the setting. So I must first determine the URL format to add the port forward (from the port-forward form/page) and then request the appropriate reboot page to reboot and save the setting. The task becomes a two-part process:

  1. GET appropriate document with encoded form data to add the port-forward listing.
  2. GET appropriate document with encoded form data to reboot modem/router.
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