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U: Don’t Expect Anything to Work the First Time After a Disaster

Issue: Anyone who’s been involved in any type of a recovery center test knows that getting replacement software up and running is a very common problem. Small subtleties in operating systems, or even minute differences in components such as tape drives, can create lasting and severe headaches for people attempting to uninstall software from one system and reinstall it on another.

Action: Expect problems with the installation or restoration of your software. Get your technical team together and plot strategies for solving at least the most common installation problems that are likely to come up. Your plan should list who needs what software immediately and where the original software media are located. (Offsite in a secure location? Good!) You should also have sources for purchasing replacement software if some is destroyed. Note that forcing replacement software on users may mean unintentionally upgrading to the latest version (with unwanted attendant usage problems), loss of customizations that are essential to the workforce, etc. All of these potential problems should be addressed in your plan.

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