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Data Class Properties

A data class is a logical grouping of related entities. Typically, it is a grouping that makes sense to a user—for example, a group of entities that a user might want to sync over .mac, such as contacts. You can add an entity to a data class by setting the entity’s DataClass attribute. Any data class you create should be added to the schema’s DataClasses property.

The properties for the DataClasses properties are shown in the following table.


A unique name for the data class (typically, a reverse DNS-style name such as com.apple.Contacts). Can be localized using the Schema.strings file located in the schema bundle. This key is required.


Path to an image representing this data class. If it is a relative path, it is assumed to be relative to the schema bundle. Typically, the image is an icon file that can be displayed at different resolutions. Otherwise, it should be at least 32 x 32 pixels. This key is required.

An example of this section of the schema would be the following:


An example of a data class would be Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, and so on.

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