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ADR Method

ADR stands for assembly (A), disassembly (D), and reassembly (R)—the major aspects of component-based software development.16 Software components in enterprise systems are fairly large functional units that manage the creation and processing of a form, which usually corresponds to an actual business form in its electronic instance. For example, a general ledger (GL) system may consist of 170 components, some 12 or more of which must be used to create a general ledger for a firm from scratch. Each component in the GL application corresponds to an accounting function that the application is designed to perform. This approach arose in the early days of 4GL (Fourth-Generation Language) software development and has continued to be popular into the OOP era. OOP components tend to be somewhat smaller than 4GL components due to the class factoring process that naturally accompanies Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. In the cited paper,16 Professor Ramamoorthy describes the evolution of software quality models and generalizes and classifies them.

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