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Commandment 10: Revisit Backup Routines

Once efficient backup routines are in place, backup media and associated settings are reviewed, working backups are proven to be completing properly, and appropriate security precautions are in place, you might believe that your work is complete. It’s not.

Organizations are living entities. Businesses are always evolving, adding staff, restructuring departments, and acquiring other organizations. As these changes occur, the information and data the organizations maintain changes, too.

It’s imperative that IT professionals continually revisit backup routines to ensure that new servers, data stores, and locations aren’t creating new data that’s being left unprotected. Follow a written data plan, as reviewed earlier, and hold regular meetings with department heads or directors. Without such meetings, it becomes difficult for technology professionals to guarantee that new data the organization creates is being backed up. Only by revisiting backup routines and reviewing the manner in which the data is being backed up, secured, and stored can technology professionals properly protect an organization’s data.

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