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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Displaying Detailed Customer Information

When entering into a transaction with a customer, you might want to see detailed information about that customer, such as the amount the customer owes you, jobs in progress, informational notes, and pending estimates. This information is readily available and can be accessed while you fill out a customer's form.

one.jpg such as an invoice (press Ctrl+I).
two.jpg Click in the Customer:Job field.
three.jpg With your cursor in the Customer:Job field, press Ctrl+L to display your complete Customer:Job list.
four.jpg Arrow or scroll down to the particular customer whose information you want to view.
five.jpg View the job information, contact information, and transaction history for the customer or job selected.
six.jpg Click the Edit Notes button icon to retrieve or enter informational notes about this customer or related jobs.
seven.jpg Click OK (or press Esc) to close the Notepad window.
eight.jpg Click the customer name and then click the QuickReport button to view the details of transactions relating to this customer.
nine.jpg Press Esc to close the QuickReport.
ten.jpg Right-click one of the jobs for this customer and select Show Estimates to see a report of the estimates for that particular job.
eleven.jpg Double-click any estimate to see the actual estimate form.
twelve.jpg Press Esc to close each of the windows you displayed.
thirteen.jpg Click the Transactions tab in the Customer Center to view a list of transactions for all customers.
fourteen.jpg Choose the type of transaction you want to view.
fifteen.jpg Click the drop-down arrow to choose whether you want to see all of the transactions for the type you chose, or particular transactions. For example, you can choose to see All Estimates or Open Estimates.
sixteen.jpg Click the drop-down arrow to select a date range for the transactions that appear on the list.
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