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Editing Worksheets

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Accepting or Rejecting Tracked Changes

When you are ready to finalize a worksheet containing tracked changes, you must determine which changes you want to keep, or accept, and which you want to reject. When you reject a change, Excel restores the cell to its previous value.


1.gif Open the Tools menu, choose Track Changes, and select Accept or Reject Changes to open the Select Changes to Accept or Reject dialog box.

2.gif Excel notifies you that the workbook will be saved; click OK. (If you have already saved your changes to the workbook, you won’t get this message.)

3.gif Click OK to accept the default options in the When, Who, and Where fields.

4.gif Excel locates the first changed cell in your worksheet. To accept the change, click the Accept button.

5.gif Excel locates the next changed cell in your workbook. To reject the change, click the Reject button.

6.gif When you’re finished searching for tracked changes, click the Close button.

7.gif Notice that the Track Changes marker remains for your reference on cells in which you accepted changes, but is removed for rejected changes.


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