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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Search for a Command Based on What It Does

man -k

With just a little training, you find that you can zoom around man pages and find exactly what you need...assuming you know which man page to read. What if you know a little about what a command does, but you don't know the actual name of the command? Try using the -k option (or --apropos) and search for a word or phrase that describes the kind of command you want to discover. You'll get back a list of all commands whose name or synopsis matches your search term.

$ man list
No manual entry for list
$ man -k list
last (1) - show listing of last logged in users
ls (1) - list directory contents
lshal (1) - List devices and their properties
lshw (1) - list hardware
lsof (8) - list open files
[Listing condensed due to length]

Be careful with the -k option, as it can produce a long list of results, and you might miss what you were looking for. Don't be afraid to try a different search term if you think it might help you find the command you need.

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