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Other Considerations

As I mentioned earlier, we need to do just enough architecture and design to get us going. Although we did a reasonable amount of architecture and design in this chapter, there are a lot of things we haven't discussed yet but will in later chapters, such as the following:

  • Application security— This will be covered in Chapters 7, "The Spring Web MVC Framerwork" and 10, "Beyond the Basics."
  • Transaction management— This will be covered in Chapter 5. We will see how to programmatically implement transaction management using Hibernate.
  • Exception handling— In Chapter 10 we will look at handled and unhandled exceptions and provide some guidance on when to use one versus the other.
  • Other features— Features required for Time Expression such as scheduling jobs and sending emails will be covered in Chapter 10. Other topics also discussed in later chapters include logging, tag libraries, and more.
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