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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Setting Music Importing Preferences

When you add music to your iTunes library, the files are copied to your computer in the iTunes folder. Files are typically converted from their original uncompressed format to a compressed format you can choose. You can also import compressed files, including MP3s. Before you import music from a CD or copy it from another source, take a few moments to set importing preferences in iTunes.


1.gif Mac user: In iTunes, pull down the iTunes menu and choose Preferences. Windows user: In iTunes, pull down the Edit menu and choose Preferences.

2.gif Click the Advanced button.

3.gif Click the Importing tab.

4.gif Choose AAC Encoder from the Import Using drop-down menu, if it isn’t already selected. AAC is a compressed file format that’s a higher quality than MP3.

5.gif Choose High Quality from the Setting menu if you intend to import music.

6.gif Click OK to close Preferences.


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