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Separating your text into paragraphs isn't the only way to format your Web pages. HTML enables you to add six different heading tags to your pages by using the tags <h1><h6>. These tags are very simple to use. Look at the following line of code:

<h1>This is Heading 1</h1>

The closing heading tags also create an automatic paragraph break. In other words, all headings automatically include a blank line to separate them from the text. Heading 1, the <h1> tag, has the largest font of the heading tags and Heading 6, the <h6> tag, has the smallest. In fact, you usually only see Web page authors use the <h1><h3> tags because the remaining tags, <h4><h6>, are actually smaller than normal text. Figure 3.4 shows a sample of all the heading tags compared to normal text.


Figure 3.4 Notice that HTML's Heading 4 is the same size as normal text, but Headings 5 and 6 are actually smaller.

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