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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Monitoring Your Logs in Real Time

In addition to mod_status and the various SNMP modules described earlier, you can use the apachetop command-line tool, which can be downloaded from http://clueful.shagged.org/apachetop/.

This tool works similarly to the Unix top command-line tool, but instead of displaying the status of the operating system, it displays the status of the web server in real time.

If you run Apache on a Unix system and you have a website with low traffic, you can use the tail command-line utility to rudimentarily monitor, in real time, log entries both to your access and error logs:

tail -f logfile

There are additional programs that enable you to quickly identify problems by scanning your error log files for specific errors, malformed requests, and so on, and reporting on them:

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