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The Worried Executive's Guide: Preventing the Telephone Company's Disasters from Becoming Yours (Part 2 of 3)

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Leo Wrobel continues his series on preventing telephone system disasters from affecting you. Some sobering stories of real disasters at real phone companies ought to put you in the mood to take action.
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War Stories from the Front

Last month I began this series with some inexpensive steps you could take right now to prevent the phone company’s disasters from becoming yours. This month I decided to try something a little different. We’ll view the issue from the perspective of the phone company. In the process, I’ll introduce some "war stories" from actual events that have befallen real phone companies. The names obviously have been deleted; however, the stories are true. We’ll examine the disaster as presented virtually verbatim from the firsthand account of the person(s) involved. Then we’ll consider what preventive steps could have been taken to stop the disaster from happening in the first place.

As you read, don’t automatically assume that these suggestions are limited to phone companies. The same disasters could affect any organization, and the same precautions are probably just as applicable to any company in order to prevent such events.

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